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Growing up as a teen gamer in China

A fantastic account about growing up as a teen gamer in China – dodging parental fears of “videogame addiction,” finding meaning in leveling up and going cold turkey as she is forced to surrender her laptop. Read the rest of the story on Boing Boing.

An icon font for Chinese provinces and East Asian countries

From Haoyun Su: Inspired by ProPublica’s StateFace, EyesAsia is a web font focusing on East Asia. In brief, you type a letter and get a mini map in return (open-sourced on Github). It includes the following shapes: East Asian countries, such as Japan and South Korea. China’s provinces and cities (administrative level one). China’s five […]

Featured Chinese typography: Fever Chu

Endless Learning poster design for US & China Typographic Poster Exchange 2013. More designs by the talented Fever Chu 朱安邦 on their Behance profile.

On Publishing Art Magazines in Asia & Chinese Net Art

Our illustrated notes from some of the talks and panels we attended this week at Art Basel Hong Kong.   Into Asia: Publishing Asian Editions:   Digital Geographies: Net Art in China:

A Look Back: Our Writing on Internet Culture & Graphic Novels in China

Editor’s note: This post was commissioned by The London Book Fair, who wished to offer attendees in its upcoming conference an introduction to internet culture, graphic novels and book culture in Greater China.   Internet memes are alive and kicking in China, though they might not be the ones we’re used to seeing. If you […]

The Translation Detail Everyone Missed in the China Internet’s Incredibly Surreal Anthem

In case you missed it, the New York Times, ProPublica, the Guardian and the Atlantic all wrote about this incredibly surreal but voted best of event anthem celebrating China’s glorious internet. Thanks to ProPublica we have a subtitled, Youtube video above. As James Fallows at the Atlantic pointed out, one of the most stirring phrases […]

Book Review: China Airborne by James Fallows

In China Airborne, Fallows skillfully uses the rise and uncertain future of the aviation industry in China as a parable for the development in China. An avid political-economic analyst and storyteller, Fallows’ account is surprisingly easy to read, given the complexity of his argument that China is “contradictory” yet exciting. Fallows is a charismatic writer […]

Fact checking the hype around mesh networks and FireChat

Being based in Hong Kong, my tech friends and I still occasionally get asked, “So what’s the deal with FireChat?” In case you missed it, FireChat, a smartphone chat app with basic mesh support, made headlines during the recent Occupy Hong Kong protests. Protesters on the ground here turned to it in late September when […]

Chinese video meme hit used for PLA recruitment ad

Excerpted from Quartz’s excellent What China’s 2014 internet memes said about the country’s hopes and fears: Little Apple. A retro-sounding dance hit by two former Youku stars, the Chopstick Brothers, is China’s version of “Gangnam Style.” The song xiao pingguo, or “Little Apple,” is irreverent, annoyingly catchy, and bizarre, with a politically incorrect music video featuring the two male singers, seemingly […]

Localized WeChat ad sells its animated stickers, nails it

Created by Hong Kong-based artist-designer Ping Wong for the Hong Kong market.