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Drawing inspiration from China’s subtitling and dating communities

Editor’s note: Our very own Jin Ge recently spoke at The Conference by Media Evolution 2014 on how designers can draw inspiration from China’s subtitling and dating communities. You can watch the entire talk above. Some of the highlights include: How his team at IDEO learned that subtitling groups, who volunteer to do the grueling […]

Why Should I Care About the Power Transition in Beijing?

The 18th CCP Congress is going on right now in Beijing, I was lucky enough to be invited to BBC TV and BBC radio to comment on this once-in-a-decade power transition. Before that, I was asking many ordinary people around me about what this moment means to them. Some cannot care less, as they feel […]

Middle Class Losers

On June 4, I was invited to talk about middle class discontent on BBC World’s live program Impact. Since it was June 4, as a self-protection I again spoke optimistically about the future of Chinese middle class. The truth is even my friends and I, considering ourselves part of China’s middle class, often swing between […]

Shanzhai State of Mind

The literal meaning of Shanzhai (山寨) in Chinese is “stockade village on the mountain”, many factories of Shanzhai products indeed started as small underground workshops in marginalized areas. But Shanzhai has evolved from the synonym of low quality copycat to a mode of production so efficient that even the global tech giants have to take […]

The IPO Farce of People’s Daily: Washing People’s Brain with People’s Money

The website of People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of the CCP, is now a listed company in the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The company raised 1.4 billion yuan (US$222.2 million) in its IPO, nearly three times the amount it hoped for. On the first day of its trading, its stock price surged 76%. Before People’s Daily’s IPO, some […]

Internet PR Company Sued for Hiring Hackers

Recently in the court of Shanghai Qingpu district, an “Internet public relations” company was found guilty of violating the article on Computer System Security in China’s Criminal Law. What this company did was to force a website to delete negative records of its client by hiring a hacker to attack the website. “Internet PR” is […]

From Heaven Bank Note to iPhones, Popular Gifts to Your Ancestors on Spring Memorial Holiday

Last week is the Spring Memorial Holiday (清明节)for Chinese, it is the time for people to go sweep the tombs of ancestors and loved ones, and pay them some tribute. We Chinese believe that you can send gifts to the dead by burning the gifts in front of their tombs. Popular tributes include fake money […]

Will Tim Cook Like Our Shanzhai (山寨) Phones?

Apple CEO Tim Cook is visiting Beijing these days and meeting with Chinese officials. He even was spotted in the Apple Store in Beijing. But what my fellow netizens are curious about is how he likes our shanzhai(山寨) Phones. I heard a story from a proud Shanzhai iPhone user: Tim Cook decided to try the […]

Star Microbloggers Making Impact and Money on Sina Weibo

Although Sina Weibo (微博), China’s top microblog network, is still not making any profit, the trend setters who have a large number of followers on Weibo already found some ways to monetize their online influence. Many celebrities on Weibo, from film stars to athletes to public intellectuals who already had many fans before they started […]

Combining Social Media with E-Commerce, New Model of Monetization for Sina Weibo

Yesterday (Feb 17) Sina Weibo (China’s leading microblog platform )and Ctrip (China’s leading online travel service provider) just announced their new collaboration through which you can find good hotel and flight deals from Ctrip by simply posting your travel requests on Sina Weibo (similar to Twits) then @Ctrip. I tried it by using my android […]