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A new form of sociality among Chinese youth: the Elastic Self

Editor’s note: our very own Tricia Wang will be giving a livestream presentation of her dissertation research this coming Tuesday. Here’s what it’s about. The sudden availability of social media and open-market capitalism is creating new spaces in China that are shifting norms and behaviors in unexpected ways. This research investigates and explains the phenomena […]

Example of a cultural mis-understanding forming a misleading business insight

Reposted from Cultural Bytes. I love that The Atlantic has covered Red Associates’s work in ethnography and insights. They have brilliant ethnographers and I would recommend them as an awesome and insightful supplier. Although the article contained a minor point that I believe is misleading. These imponderabilia turn out to have huge consequences if you want to sell a […]

Some initial thoughts about the popularity of QQ’s WeChat (aka Weixin)

Excerpted from Bytes of China: A few weeks ago, a conversation about the popularity of WeChat emerged on a tech mailing lists. Someone posted several reasons why they thought WeChat was more usable than Skype. They listed several technical reasons, such as ease of use, great mobile interface, and more efficient battery conservation. The person […]

Hacking for Pleasure, not Politics

Editor’s note: Below are excerpts from Tricia’s article on Makeshift, Pleasure Hacking: Lao Bing is doing what most males at the Internet cafe are doing, have done, or will be doing later on that night—searching for porn. Users across the world are drawn to this corner of the infobahn; some estimate that porn accounts for […]

Inspiration for the future of cars from resource-constrained vendors in China

China is now the largest car market. But many Western companies are discovering that simply transferring cars designed for Western users do not always appeal to Asian users. Point in case GM’s Cadillac, a car built for American consumers fails to connect to Chinese consumers. Zach Hyman, an ethnographer based in China, has been researching the creative practices of vehicular […]

The myopia of excluding censors: A self-defeating White House petition

Editor’s note: This is an op-ed that our very own Tricia Wang wrote, which also appeared on Al Jazeera. In the last week, thousands of people have signed a petition on titled, “People who help internet censorship, builders of Great Firewall in China for example, should be denied entry to the US”. The petition proposes […]

An infamous Chinese hacker becomes a “security professional”?

Up until now, Wicked Rose has been infamous for one thing, being a prolific hacker. He exploited Microsoft Office security holes in the US Defense Department and obtained sensitive data for over two years before being discovered. But it appears that Wiked Rose is exploring a new career path. Investigative reporter, Brian Krebs, reports that […]

The First Wankathon in China: First Masturbation Contest for World’s Aid Day in China

Walkathons are boring, wankathons are not. Who wants to watch people  walk when you can watch people masturbate? The first Masturbation Contest for World’s Aid Day took place in Shenzhen. The Shanghaiist has a set of wonderful pictures of men without pants, floppy dildos, dolls with orfices to stick fingers or penises into, and personal cum buckets. […]

Where are all the creative Chinese people? hanging out in hacker spaces apparently

Finally we get some sense of history to hackerspaces outside of the West from Silvia Lintner and David Li in their latest co-authored article in Interactions, Created in China. In September 2010, China’s first hackerspace opened its doors in Shanghai under the name XinCheJian (literal translation: new workshop, or new factory). Only a year after […]

The Human Flesh Searching Chinese explained in Jessi Levine’s Tea Leaf Nation/The Atlantic article

A few weeks ago I was interviewed along with citizen reporter, Tufu Wugan aka “The Butcher”,  in Jessi Levine’s What a “Human Flesh Search” Is, And How It’s Changing China. As the sociologist interviewed for Jessi’s article, we talked  a lot about the social and cultural context of Human Flesh Searching. Since Jessi could only grab […]