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WeChat: Buying their way to the top of the world?

I saw a version of this (adorable) ad on local Hong Kong TV a few weeks ago – it surprised me that WeChat had gone to new lengths to advertise its service. Before this, WeChat had been buying up traditional ad space on the tops of skyscrapers and in subway stations in Hong Kong (in the case of the latter, the ads feature local celebrities). But having Lionel Messi, probably the most famous football star today, in a long TV ad is a level on its own.

To place all of this in context:

  • I haven’t seen any WeChat ads in China (though Amazon advertises plenty in subway stations in Shenzhen for example)
  • WhatsApp only appears sporadically on billboards here in Hong Kong
  • Line advertises (also on TV) using Korean celebrities and by partnering with convenience stores to offer redeemable trinkets

Google or Facebook never bought any TV ads, or hired celebrities to be its face; will it work for WeChat?

Milk powder ad mashes up Angry Birds with kung fu

What’s interesting is that the ad uses a smartphone swipe metaphor for “next,” borrows Angry Birds imagery to set up a friend versus foe battle, and, of course, lays in some kung fu at the end.

You don’t have to understand it to see what’s going on.

Via the Adkungfu.

automated translation + SEO –> poetry

The corners of the internet are lovely, dark and deep…Every now and then you come across content from China or Taiwan that has been run through automated English translation and search engine optimization, resulting in unbelievable thousand-monkeys-on-a-typewriter poetry, which may or may not be dangerous to your computer, just saying. My favorite, which now unfortunately only tells you the seven shocking foods that will help kill abdominal fat, used to be a meditative series of what seemed to be blog posts linking “problem states,” funerals, and coffins, such as a post titled “Dream of people carried the coffin-the problem state” which read:

Push on the river cars, dan dan, selling onions, garlic sale, riding an exam, will pull the donkey drive, stir Rangrang, scrambling across the river into the city. 

Luckily this loss can now be made up by showyourlife.net, which promises to help (presumably) non-English writers create pages like this:

Hi there! I’m a bike messenger by day, aspiring actor by night, and this is my blog. I live in Los Angeles, have a great dog named Jack, and I like piña coladas. (And gettin’ caught in the rain.)

But actually ends up creating much, much better stuff, like this post, Adidas js wings can follow the grave matter acxus, which is a story about how one time in Gaoyi County East Village East Farm, “opened a 50 meters long, a few centimeters wide cracks, the villagers had to go to watch, do not know what causes of.” It manages to touch upon the Anti-Japanese war, drought, and mysterious natural phenomenon…and to randomly insert ad links that you probably should not click on, but which make for lovely reading.

Liu of 69 years old has never seen such crack in the village, “every day I have to have a look Adidas JS Wings, is it right? See cracks become more.

In their cognitive context, Jia Zengmin almost to the exclusion of the every kind of reason.

“It is not the drought dehiscence, below the soil is wet.The fire?So many years nothing ah.

Jia Zengmin spoke Cheap adidas js wings shoes, side of the village said: “the original read reports, said crack is because cemetery in water Jeremy scott Online, can follow the grave matter?Just crack north head is the cemetery.

Do go to the post for the whole story (and spend some time with other posts, like adidas obyo jeremy scott I do not know who is tie, which is about a UFO that got stuck to a “blue hatchback Sega car chassis” in the “East Lake New Technology Development Zone Kansai”).

I can only imagine what kinds of automated Chinese translations are showing up on the flip side!

The Image of an Ideal Primary School in China

Above: 10AM Communication’s ad for Capitaland showing off its philanthropic efforts. The setup is that many schools were destroyed by the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, and that Capitaland has helped re-build 15 schools across China. The video features their star project, the first “green hope” (whatever they mean by that) school in China.

The Singapore-based 10AM Communication manage to produce a great montage of an ideal primary school in China. Images employed include the obedient class responding in unison, a smiling kid who wants to be an astronaut when he grows up and a kid from the village who has to run for half an hour to get to school every morning. Beautifully shot, if a little heavy-handed, it’s definitely worth watching.

Via the Longyin Review.