Milk powder ad mashes up Angry Birds with kung fu

Posted on by Jason Li

What’s interesting is that the ad uses a smartphone swipe metaphor for “next,” borrows Angry Birds imagery to set up a friend versus foe battle, and, of course, lays in some kung fu at the end.

You don’t have to understand it to see what’s going on.

Via the Adkungfu.

automated translation + SEO –> poetry

Posted on by Lyn Jeffery

The corners of the internet are lovely, dark and deep…Every now and then you come across content from China or Taiwan that has been run through automated English translation and search engine optimization, resulting in unbelievable thousand-monkeys-on-a-typewriter poetry, which may or may not be dangerous to your computer, just saying. My favorite, which now unfortunately only tells you the seven shocking foods that will…

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