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Troll defaces luxury handbags on subway

According to this report from Apple Daily HK, there’s a real-life troll that’s been going around on the subway in Hong Kong defacing various strangers’ luxury handbags with a ball point pen.

Hermès’ China-focused label

From Monday Flying.

Shang Xia(上下)is literally translated to mean ‘Up and Down’ in Chinese. Figuratively, the phrase is used to describe a ‘topsy-turvy’ situation.An interesting move from Hermès, Shang Xia is a rare development from the luxury group, which tends to buy all or part of existing brands.

Product line-up includes a balance between traditional artisan craft with modern style. Materials used include cashmere, china and bamboo, which are long associated with the Chinese culture. Clothing, home furnishings, shoes and tableware inspired by tea are the highlights of Shang Xia this 2011.

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Slang term of the day: tubaozi

In China, the arrival of the tubaozi, the much-ridiculed “potato buns” from the countryside who got rich without ever living in a sophisticated first-tier city…

Via the Chinese Economic Review, in an article about the evolution of luxury consumers in China.