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How a bookstore evolved into becoming a banned books center in Hong Kong


From the Atlantic, In Hong Kong, a Sanctuary for Banned Books:

Later that year we began to get mainland visitors from cities like Beijing and Tianjin who were traveling on their own. Our sign said “People’s Commune” in Chinese, and our logo was Mao Zedong’s face, so maybe that caught their eye. Sometimes, customers would ask me questions like, “Hey boss, do you have any copies of Zhou Enlai’s Later Years?’ At the time I didn’t get it, I still wasn’t so familiar with books published in simplified characters. I would tell them that I’d look into it and found a couple of Hong Kong publishers with that book or maybe The Private Life of Chairman Mao. I wasn’t really into politics – we were primarily selling books about art and culture…

We began selling more and more banned books in late 2004. People were interested in the power transition from [President] Jiang Zemin to Hu Jintao [which was drawn out over two years]. Customers would come back and ask, “What else do you have?” They were really interested in what was going on during the leadership change and were unable to read anything about it on the mainland. We started off with a tiny shelf of political books, eventually it grew to take up a counter, and as sales continued to improve more of the store was taken up by banned books.

Not mentioned in the article: The bookstore-cafe also sells milk powder, a highly sought after good after China’s tainted milk powder scanda in 2008.


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Milk powder ad mashes up Angry Birds with kung fu

What’s interesting is that the ad uses a smartphone swipe metaphor for “next,” borrows Angry Birds imagery to set up a friend versus foe battle, and, of course, lays in some kung fu at the end.

You don’t have to understand it to see what’s going on.

Via the Adkungfu.