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88 Bar Receives Runner Up in Danwei’s Model Worker Award 2012!

Blogs on China have come and gone over the last decade. Then twitter came and everyone stopped blogging in 2006. Long form analysis was shrunken to 140 characters. But then something magical happened, a resurgence of blogs on China bursted onto the internet over the last few years!

One of the longest standing and most important blogs, Danwei, is not only still around, but alive and kicking! Jeremy Goldkorn, the brains behind Danwei, has turned it into a media platform offering consulting services in media analysis and strategic planning.

Since 2005, Danwei has held their annual Model Worker Award. This year, 88 Bar is proud to be a runner up in their  8th Annual Model Worker Awards 2012 for blogs and websites.

So who received the coveted Model Worker Award? We’re glad to say it went to a website that we love, China Smack. Danwei has a great list of other runner-ups and I see some of my personal favorites go-to sites.

  • I’ve been following @blackchinahand since 2005 when we were both blogging activtely. We eventually found each other on twitter and then moved to the same city last year in some province where Westerners are rarely spotted. @blackchinahand also tweets really great updates about basketball.
  •  I also have found Tech Rice to be a great source for tech news. Kai Lukoff, one of the editors, has always been a pleasure to work with!
  • If there’s only one journalist’s blog I could read, it would be Adam Minter’s blog Shanghai Scrap. Adam’s blog is like an off the record blog that is on the record; he writes as if he cares more about pleasing readers instead of journalists. The most memorable moment was when he called out the New York Time’s Sharon LaFraniere and David Barboza for exaggerating or pretty much just conjuring up stories about internet censorship and surveillance.
  • I have a love for group blogs because they give you such a great diversity of opinions through a common framework of values, hence why we have 88 Bar! So one of new favorite group blogs comes from Will Moss and several others, Rectified Name. I also have noticed that a lot of have joined the group model perhaps because we realized they are more sustainable.
  • Tea Leaf Nation is my favorite new blog on the China scene. They have a great group of writers and even better yet, 88 Bar is teaming up with Tea Leaf Nation on guest posts. We just announced our partnership in our first guest post from Liz Carter on the Shifang Cop meme, China’s “Fat Police Officer” Terrorizes Everything [TLN].


Tencent buys into Groupon’s secret sauce

Tencent, the company known for its ubiquitous and domineering IM (or QQ) client in China, has partnered up with the American Groupon to launch its China branch. The resulting site is called GaoPeng 高朋 and takes on the Groupon look and feel:

As we reported back in 2006 (under our old moniker Virtual China), the internet group buying phenomenon got its start in China way before Groupon was founded. China has its own Groupon services though sometimes they are just parts of larger web portals.

Why Tencent, one of China’s tech giants, is partnering with Groupon, an American rendition of a Chinese concept is beyond me. Any takers? No one on Quora seems to know what the partnership terms are.