Cheat Sheet for Hardware Startup Accelerators

Here’s the link to the original Google spreadsheet. Please feel free edit! 🙂

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What’s interesting about the data above is that there are two programs that criss cross China, and a bunch that don’t:

  • HAXL8R starts in Shenzhen and does their final demo day in San Francisco; it’s all about an immersion in China for them.
  • Highway1 is mostly based in San Francisco, but includes a field trip to Shenzhen; there’s a more clear focus on the US market using Chinese manufacturing for them.
  • Berlin Hardware Accelerator and Startupbootcamp (HighTechLX) seem to be about European manufacturing; the subtext is we can do it here in Europe too.
  • Am I missing any Chinese language programs?

P.S. Our friends over at PCH/Highway1 are touring Hong Kong and China this week – see here for more details.

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